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Why would an American—my great granduncle—defend Germans from countrymen who had fought and bled to liberate a continent from the evil of Nazism? My initial reaction to Fr. Viktor’s story was not what you might imagine. Upon hearing that a …

Here’s a fun experiment demonstrating the power and challenges of using generative AI! Full disclosure: I’m a “bicentennial baby.” This means I’m a child born in the States 200 years after my home country was founded in 1776. In other …

About The Sower of Black Field

For those who would like a deeper understanding of this historical fiction novel beyond the summary on the book, this post is for you! Note to the reader: this article presents the historical backbone of the novel. Every word, name, …

If you’ve never used Midjourney to generate graphics, it’s wild. Here’s a description for the uninitiated. You have a prompt where you tell the program, “Imagine such-and-such,” describing the image you want to generate. It chews on that for a …

A New Chapter

Anyone who really knows me is well aware that I’ve been writing a historical fiction novel. 2024 marks a new chapter in the epic journey that started twenty years ago. At long last, this story will finally be published by …

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The Sower of Black Field - Inspired by the True Story of an American in Nazi Germany