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“A picture emerges from this novel of people caught up in a conflict not of their making, resisting as they can from its evils, and finding strength in the courageous example of their pastor.” — FIVE STARS, Chanticleer Book Reviews …

Hello, Friends! I have news on The Sower, plus a humble request for support, if you can spare a moment. First, the news. I’m doing my darndest to fling the seeds of this novel into the wind, hoping they’ll spread …

I’ve spent twenty long years writing and researching the narrative behind Fr. Viktor’s story. Today I have a new fact to record for posterity. At last, The Sower of Black Field is finally published. For those who have been eagerly …

The Kirkus Review

“A compelling exploration of faith and resistance in the face of oppression.”—Kirkus Reviews I’ve been working with Mindstir Media on a juggernaut of promotion over these past few weeks. The press release is ready to roll. Finishing touches are being …

D-Day is April 15, 2024

The process of launching The Sower of Black Field feels a lot like managing the European Theater of Operations. Here’s the latest in early March. I’m finding that organizing promotion around a book launch involves many pieces and moving parts. …

AI Party: The Inexplicable

You have to admire the imagination of a child. For those readers who are parents: how many times have you happened upon your kid scrawling on a sheet of paper and said, “WOW! Look at THAT! That’s just great…. um. …

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The Sower of Black Field - Inspired by the True Story of an American in Nazi Germany