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Old fashioned compass on an old fashioned map. Photo by Midjourney.

The Reedsy Discovery Review

Hello, Friends! I have news on The Sower, plus a humble request for support, if you can spare a moment. First, the news. I’m doing my darndest to fling the seeds of this novel into the wind, hoping they’ll spread

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What Makes Schwarzenfeld Unique?

Why would an American—my great granduncle—defend Germans from countrymen who had fought and bled to liberate a continent from the evil of Nazism? My initial reaction to Fr. Viktor’s story was not what you might imagine. Upon hearing that a

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The Miesberg church (Miesbergkirche) and monastery (Miesbergkloster) in Schwarzenfeld, Germany

About The Sower of Black Field

For those who would like a deeper understanding of this historical fiction novel beyond the summary on the book, this post is for you! Note to the reader: this article presents the historical backbone of the novel. Every word, name,

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