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AI Party

Galactic spider egg sack

AI Party: The Inexplicable

You have to admire the imagination of a child. For those readers who are parents: how many times have you happened upon your kid scrawling on a sheet of paper and said, “WOW! Look at THAT! That’s just great…. um.

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Rotary desk phone

AI Party: Bot vs. 1970s Rotary Phone

Here’s a fun experiment demonstrating the power and challenges of using generative AI! Full disclosure: I’m a “bicentennial baby.” This means I’m a child born in the States 200 years after my home country was founded in 1776. In other

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What time looks like in the 1920s. Photo by Midjourney.

AI Party: What Time Looks Like

If you’ve never used Midjourney to generate graphics, it’s wild. Here’s a description for the uninitiated. You have a prompt where you tell the program, “Imagine such-and-such,” describing the image you want to generate. It chews on that for a

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